Fall Line up 2021
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 Anthology #1 - In Filth It Shall Be Found

There was a saying in medieval alchemy,

       in sterquiliniis invenitur,

which roughly translates to “in filth, it will be found.”

Carl Jung (a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology) expounded on this later, explaining that what we most desire to find in our lives may be found in places we least want to explore.

These stories dive into the darker aspects of society, subjects we try desperately to hide, and new perspectives that will leave you enthralled. 

       Novel - The Recalcitrant Stuff of Life

The Recalcitrant Stuff of Life is a story about searching – for a friend; for forgiveness; for the truth. 
Rosy is a broken man living a purgatory existence in Iquitos, Peru. Two of his oldest friends; Stanley Doucette and Ishy Lords; have pressing news from home. Never before have two individuals been as ill-equipped to navigate the Gringo Trail as Ishy and “The Deuce”, but this is precisely what they set out to do in an attempt to track Rosy down in one of the most inaccessible places on the planet.
Ambitious, gritty, and raucously entertaining, Sean McCallum’s debut novel takes readers from Toronto and New York to Lima, and then across the Andes, down the Amazon River, and into the darkness. Bristling with tragedy, regret, and a little ayahuasca, The Recalcitrant Stuff of Life screams into the void with electric lyrical urgency, reveling in what it means to be alive.