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We are only open for submissions to

Slut Vomit II: An Anthology of Sex Work

until July 1, 2024

Payment is $40 via PayPal + an author copy

We want diverse, unique stories

about 2-7K words long

with unusual fetishes

a strong, realistic, non-cliche voice.

Memoir-esque, humorous, violent, and/or heartfelt pieces welcome

Here are some themes we're wish-listing in no particular order:

feeder fetish

amputee/transabled fetish
period fetish

car pedal pumping fetish
sneeze fetish


chem sex addicts

bimbofication (looking like a Real Doll)

looners a.k.a. balloonatics, helium heads


foot hooker

food fetishist (ex. cake squashing)

lingerie or bikini model/ring girl life

non-American, non-straight characters

especially male and trans POVs

masseuse who gives happy endings

gay for pay workers

sex toy salesperson

phone sex operator
sexpert talk show host/columnist
lady boys
burlesque dancer

WWI-1950s style pin-ups

host(ess) club/maid cafe workers

porn set/cam crew
go-go/topless dancer
naked sushi girl/guy

soapland/bathhouse encounters
paid companions (perhaps for disabled)
drink girl/oppai pub hostess
escort’s escort (their driver to hotels, parties, etc)
mud or Jell-o wrestlers

virtual girlfriends/boyfriends

professional swingers

lot lizards

juice girls/scammers

OnlyFans manager/outsourced sexter



porn reality show house competitions
AVN award hotel orgy escorts
pstein Island-ish/cult setting
ping pong/donkey show setting

unconventional/themed brothels
found footage/cannibal/snuff


General Guidelines:

Outcast Press publishes prose that explores raw, dark, honest, shocking themes with original characters who have a flair for language. Broadly, we seek books that fall under the transgressive fiction and dirty realism genres, that which pushes boundaries with unpredictability. Thus, we don't believe in trigger warnings or the like

* * *

Before submitting, we ask that you peruse our works to familiarize yourself with the themes and styles of writing we cherish. If you think we’d be a good home for your words, please submit:


a single-spaced,

12-pt Times New Roman font,

Word document (.docx or .doc)

via email to

In the body of the e-mail, please include:
A third-person bio (50-150 words) about where you're from, what you normally write about, where you've been published, upcoming projects, and a fun fact about you or two.

   -      A photo of a book/magazine you were in so we can promote it
   -      Your social media handles and
author websites

-    No need to send personal info like your address or phone number.




You agree to work w/ the editor on reasonable changes (i.e. adding details like the color of things, explaining vague phrases, etc.).
We ask that you credit Outcast Press as the original publisher should your work be re-published elsewhere.

You will always receive an authors' copy. If not directly, then digitally or sent credit to purchase a book in your home country.

As an author, you bring enormous value to the table. We're honored you’re considering us as a publisher. While we’re not in a financial position to extend advances, we offer a 50/50 royalty split to non-anthology authors. Operating on the traditional publishing model, we provide editing, cover design, formatting, illustration, and promotion at our expense. We live by the motto: money flows to the author.

As a small team, we can only do justice to around 4-6 manuscripts a year on top of our 2-3 yearly anthologies. If we reject your manuscript, it’s likely not because of quality. We’re open for subs until our 2025 calendar is full.

- - - - - -

Novels, Novellas, Memoirs (Roughly 30K—70K words), 

180-250 6x9" single-spaced pages is the usual aim


Since we operate in a niche space, we want you to take chances, stories that take no prisoners and make no apologies. Yes, go there. If you think you go too far, then we’d love to consider your work. *We greatly prefer previously unpublished pieces*


Please email a detailed synopsis including what happens at the end and first three chapters. We will request a full manuscript if interested. 

Short Story Collections (Roughly 40K-70K)


If you have a strong transgressive strain running through your collection, with a cohesive theme, we’d love to consider you.


Please send a synopsis of each story (explain the theme and how it links to the other pieces), and a sample of three stories. We will request the full collection if interested. 


Poetry Collections


We seek poetry books we (or you) can illustrate that run about 70 pages long. We prefer a semi-modern, accessible, but not too simple style.

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