Submission Guidelines for Anthologies


- SUBMISSIONS OPEN AUGUST 1, 2022: Diner Crime/Noir/Neo-Noir Anthology -


Who can forget the opening of Tarantino’s debut neo-noir film Reservoir Dogs? Or the opening and closing to his follow-up Pulp Fiction? These are just two examples in which a diner plays a pivotal role in a narrative. How many sleazy backroom deals are carved up in a diner, waffle house, Denny’s, bodega, or any number of seemingly innocuous locations?


We are Outcast Press, and in collaboration with guest editor Craig Clevenger (author of The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria) want to pay homage to a staple in noir, neo-noir, and crime fiction: the diner (interpreted broadly—bar, waffle house, greasy spoon, coffee shop, truck stop, lunchroom, etc.)


We are seeking the best crime/noir/neo-noir/transgressive short stories in which a diner-like venue plays a major role in the narrative. Your piece needn’t be narrowly focused on diner-like locations. However, such locations should function, at minimum, as the backdrop to your story. Perhaps your protagonist is a courier for the mafia, and drops off envelopes in the back of a pizzeria? Maybe a hitman meets clients at a waffle house, or a femme fatale hangs around upscale restaurants seeking her next victim? We’re looking for a diverse range of interpretations of the setting (the metropolitan and the middle-of-nowhere; the bright-enough-to-blind-you white tile and neon, and the rundown or abandoned) from a diverse range of writers, from both established names (we’ve snagged a few) and newcomers alike.


Genres: Crime/Noir/Neo-Noir/Transgressive (speculative and fantastical elements will be a hard sell).


Length: 2,000 – 7,000 words (3,000 – 4,500 words being the sweet spots).


Submission Window: August 1st 2022 – December 1st, 2022.


Final Decisions: December 1st – December 15th 2022.


Projected Release: Spring or Fall 2023


Compensation: $25–$100, depending on reprint status, length, and complexity/originality of the story. All payments and printing acceptance contingent upon working with the editor on reasonable changes (adding minor sensory/background details, expanding upon vague phrases, cutting redundancies, correcting egregious grammatical errors that are not an intentional component of character dialogue, etc.). Authors shall also receive one copy of the print edition.


If your story is accepted, we buy exclusive first world rights for a period of six months, after which we retain nonexclusive publishing rights within the context of the anthology (i.e., we will not publish your piece elsewhere without permission). If your piece is reprinted in any other publication or venue after the six-month period, we kindly request that you indicate Outcast Press as the original publisher.


Submission Process:

Please format your story in accordance with the standard short story formatting guidelines (classic or modern) by William Shunn:


At the submission stage, you are not required to provide personal information as it relates to address and phone number. We understand the hesitancy, especially as it pertains to trans harassment and bullying. If you feel uncomfortable providing such information, disregard that part of Shunn’s formatting. If your story is accepted for publication, we will request that information at the appropriate time.


Please submit your submission by email, providing the following in the email body: a short summary of your story, approximate word count, an author bio with socials you want promoted (150 words or less), and a picture of a book/publication of yours (if you have previous published work) that we can promote. Please attach the story to the email as a .doc or .docx file.


In the subject line, please include: “Diner Noir”, with the name of your story and approximate word count.


Email all stories to:


Please do not submit to the regular Outcast Press submission email address. Any emails for this specific call for submissions that are sent to our regular submission email address will go unread.













“I wanted to rub the human race in its own vomit, and force it to look in the mirror.”
― J.G. Ballard, Crash



Outcast Press publishes poetry that explores raw, dark, honest, and shocking themes. Leaning towards the transgressive genre, we strive to deliver work that pushes boundaries with unpredictability.


Readers should be cautioned that all work carries a broad-spectrum warning over content that might be potentially triggering.




We are now publishing new issues of Outcast Press Poetry on a quarterly basis.


To be considered for publication in our Summer 2022 issue: submit your poetry to us by 1st July 2022.


To be considered for publication in our Autumn 2022 issue: submit your poetry to us by 1st October 2022.


To be considered for publication in our Winter 2023 issue: submit your poetry to us by 1st January 2023.


To be considered for publication in our Spring 2023 issue: submit your poetry to us by 1st April 2023.
Before submitting, we ask that you read past issues of Outcast Press Poetry to familiarise yourself with the type of poetry that we like to publish. If you think we’d be a good home for your words, here are the rules…
Submit 1-3 unpublished poems in 1 word document via email to


Please format each poem in Verdana font, 12pt size.


Each poem should start on a new page.


Please do not send pdfs.
Email subject line: SUBMISSION – YOUR NAME
In the body of the email, please include:
   -       Your name as you would like it to appear in the issue
   -       The title(s) of your poem(s)
   -       A brief third person bio (max 50 words)
   -       Your social media handles, if applicable
All poetry submissions should be sent to Amy-Jean and HLR at


A brief cover letter is always appreciated, though there’s no need to explain your work – your poetry should speak for itself!


We prefer exclusive submissions, though if you do simultaneously submit your work to other presses as well as ours, we ask that you specify this in your email and notify us immediately if any of your poems are accepted elsewhere.
We are currently a non-paying market for poetry. We ask that you credit Outcast Press as the original publisher should your work be republished elsewhere. You retain all rights to your work. We do not tolerate plagiarism at Outcast Press. While we are open to content that pushes boundaries, abuse and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated by the editors.


Transgressive Novels



(Closed until January 2023)

If you have a completed transgressive or dirty realist manuscript, feel free to send us a pitch either by email or through a twitter DM. If we are interested, we will request a synopsis and the first three chapters. Ideal word length is 60,000-90,000.