Sebastian Vice

P.R., Talent seeker & Founder

Sebastian Vice is a professional philosopher. When not doing that, he’s writing transgressive & dirty realist stories as well as the occasional poem. His motto is unbridled, down and dirty, in your face honesty. Nothing watered down. If his work is successful, he’ll drag you kicking and screaming through broken glass and heroin needles.

Sebastian has a Ph. D in Philosophy, and is passionate about stories that reflect dark realities. 



Assistant Poetry Editor

HLR (she/her) is a prize-winning poet, writer and editor from North London, UK. Her work has been widely published since 2012. HLR is the author of prosetry collection History of Present Complaint (Close to the Bone) and micro-chapbook Portrait of the Poet as a Hot Mess (Ghost City Press). She can be found on
Twitter @HLRwriter and


Paige J. 

Fiction EIC / Co-owner

Like many strange things, Paige hails from Florida. While there, she writes about pharmaceuticals, pedophiles, and prostitutes just to keep her state residency. However, the taboo romance and navel-gazing costs extra.

Influenced by American Psycho as much as Lolita, she's up for scoping anything that reads like a degenerate's diary.



Austin Davis

Marketing and Promotion

Austin Davis is a poet, activist, and the founder of AZ Hugs For the Houseless.

He is the author of LOTUS & THE APOCALYPSE, out from Outcast Press on March 1st


Amy-Jean Muller

Poetry Editor-in-Chief

Amy-Jean is an artist, writer & poet from South Africa who currently lives in London. Her art and writing explore areas of culture, mental health, transgressive fiction, femininity and sexuality. Her art's been exhibited in South Africa and London & her writing can be found in various publications as a regular contributor in both print and online.

Amy-Jean likes whiskey, afternoon naps and nihilistic musings. Her poetry book, Baptism by Fire was published this year. 

Loretta Pedersen.jpg

Loretta Pedersen

Volunteer Tech Assistant

Loretta was born transgressive. She is an aspiring polymath who also aspires to one day complete at least a few of the 13+ unfinished works of fiction currently saved on her computer.

Loretta grew up in Silt and Rifle, Colorado and then ran away to Seattle for 16 years. She now lives in Walla Walla, WA. She has a BA in Asian Languages & Literature and her MS degree focus was chemical ecology of grasslands.


Natalie Nider

Assistant Fiction Editor,

Natalie Nider is a transgressive fiction author and blogger who resides at Trainwreck Tendencies.

When she isn't finding new ways to stir the pot on any particularly transgressive topic she can usually be found with a notebook plotting out the next fiction piece to write or chatting with fellow literary delinquents.

You can find her at