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This is the EPUB version of LG Thomson's Bitter Fruit memoir. In this much-anticipated sequel to Modernist Dreams Brutalist Nightmares, LG Thomson's story about being a traumatised young woman trying to understand her place in the world plays out against a background of Mutually Assured Destruction. Acid rain, industrial unrest, and UK unemployment levels hitting an all-time high.


Set in 1980s Scotland (with cameos from London) and featuring tales of sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, hippies and punks, nightmares and masks, dreams and hopes, Bitter Fruit is a frank and darkly funny read about enduring the bleakest of times.


Each chapter of this memoir includes photographs and/or artistic sketches by the author herself, Lorraine Thomson, as well as a music playlist she curated.

Bitter Fruit by L. G. Thomson - eBook

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