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In this beach town, where tourists party day and night, crime takes no vacation.

Cabrones Perros is a rum-soaked crime-comedy in the style of Elmore Leonard’s Swag and Stick. Though it can be read as a standalone piece, it concludes Manny Torres’ Dog Trilogy.

Fresh out of prison, ex-boxer Nolin is tasked with going to Odyssey, Florida, to have a man killed. On a parallel course are several underworld characters with their own agendas for heading into this crime-riddled city. Enforcers are en route to establish the family business on the Florida coast. This includes Shank, who was last seen in Perras Malas, dead-set on vengeance against those who killed her family. There is also the upcoming gangstress Shady, who’s doing a soft takeover while going up against a family of Eastern-European human-traffickers on the brink of owning the city.

These groups converge where drugs are cheap and human-trafficking is prevalent. There’s a slow war gaining ground on all sides, clashing over the waterside territory. It can only end with scorched sand and severed heads.

Cabrones Perros by Manny Torres - Novel

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