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This is a PDF replica of Austin Davis' secong Outcast Press chapbook to perserve formatting. Our city is an ocean. Every night one of our neighbors drowns in a crack on the sidewalk. Every night we call it hope to climb our way to the moon--just to panic when we can’t find an airplane or meteor to catch a ride home on. We spend days treading water with someone we love, hoping that a wave doesn’t rise and block our view of the sun.


These 30+ illustrated poems exemplify that floating feeling of being between sobriety, society, and stillness.Austin Davis is a poet and activist from Phoenix, AZ, who lives with OCD. He is the author of the chapbook Lotus & The Apocalypse and the founder of AZ Hugs For the Houseless.


“Like a Gen-Z John Donne…”- Angele Ellis, Cultural Daily

“Davis holds in his hands an understanding for the diversity of emotion like it’s the fragile globe of a dandelion ready for wishes.”- Caitie Young, The Poetry Question

Compulsive SWIM by Austin Davis - Poetry eBook

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