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Here is the EPUB version of the second book in the Eucalyptus Lane series. "This is what you would get if Quentin Tarantino ever made a Lifetime movie." --Whiskey Leavins, author of The Devil's Own Piss and Other Stories, as well as Murder in Greasepaint


In this installment of the Eucalyptus Lane series, Ambrose fights through heartbreak, loss, and a trip to Texas to battle demons--current and recurring--then reconnect with his imprisoned brother, Butch. When Ambrose returns to the Bay Area, he faces his biggest challenge yet: a showdown with the villains who've been antagonizing his dominatrix boss and now have designs on her dungeon, Dover, Inc..


Boundaries are pushed and loyalties tested as Ambrose finds himself once again sucked into criminal activity, stretching his resourcefulness to the outer limits. It's a trembling walk down the tightrope between domestic bliss in Palo Alto, California, and constant jeopardy back in San Francisco.

Cracker by Nevada McPherson - eBook

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