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This is the EPUB version of the adventure novel, Girl of the Oil Sands. Blades, babes, and the harsh beauty of love & nature. A begrudgingly heterosexual heroine often finds herself in nefarious situations as “a gal just trying to make a buck.”


Fueled by love, drugs, and delusion, Iris carries the weight of a dream in her heart as she treks from Florida all the way to Canada, ever in search of a home.Befriended by another Hell-raiser in her 20s, Iris has her worldview and life path torn apart as if rearranged by her own machete.


With her sexuality, resolve, and sanity called into question, Iris battles mental illness, ill-meaning men, and the icy wilderness. Disavowing a life of debauchery is hardly easy, but it’s a war worth fighting.

Girl of the Oil Sands by I.L. Green - eBook

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