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This is an EPUB version of this novel. *Every book comes with 5 random pieces of merch, including stickers and bookmarks* USA shipping only. For international orders, visit our eBay store here w/ low shipping rates. Bridgeport Butcher on the loose! Born-again cannibals. Cultists. Sex monsters. Crazed midget preachers and beer-guzzling crocodiles. Welcome to Aztec, New Mexico, the hottest, bloodiest hellhole north of the border. Just ask Fred Flies By The Crow. Men claim to carry the seed of alien civilizations in their bellies.


Young boys wander the streets with grown women's scalps.When end-of-times street preacher, Eli Goams, and born-again cannibal, Varnell Legree, show up in town--one looking for gas money and a flock to take with him to Kingdom Come, and the other for fresh human steaks--no one bats an eye. As the bodies pile up, dirty county sheriff Carl Leadback is just trying to keep a lid on it all--at least another two weeks until he gets re-elected and can go back to his murderous, whoring ways.

God's Speedboat by Max Sheridan - eBook

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