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How would you feel if today was your last day on Earth?Lotus is the part of yourself you're afraid and ashamed by, all the bad thoughts you shove inside the back closet in an empty room in the darkest corner of your brain. This 18-poem literary/visual arts collection explores themes such as death, sex, drugs, drinking, honesty, and the after-life. With rock 'n' roll flare and an appreciation for nature, Austin Davis unravels everything from teenage degeneracy to the cosmos in under 50 pages.


This poetry novella is about the final moments of life for one man, and his meditations on guilt, fear, loss, love, and addiction as he tries to figure out what the point of living was before it’s too late.​


“LOTUS & THE APOCALYPSE contains 14 poems from the man who’s heart is tattooed to the street.”  - Sebastian Vice Founder, Outcast Press

Lotus & The Apocalypse by Austin Davis - Illustrated Poetry

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