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This is the PDF replica version of this chapbook to perserve the formatting. How would you feel if today was your last day on Earth? Lotus is the part of yourself you're afraid and ashamed by, all the bad thoughts you shove inside the back closet in empty room in the darkest corner of your brain. This 18-poem literary/visual arts collection explores themes such as death, sex, drugs, drinking, honesty, and the after-life. With rock 'n' roll flare and an appreciation for nature, Austin Davis unravels everything from teenage degeneracy to the cosmos in under 50 pages.


Grateful acknowledgement is made to Myla K. Smart from the Etsy shop @ArtnNeedles for providing phenomenal artwork, as well the editors of the following publications where some of these poems first appeared:Button Poetry, Emerge Literary Journal, Ghost City Press, Maudlin House, Okay Donkey Magazine, andThe Tempe Writers Forum

Lotus & The Apocalypse by Austin Davis - Poetry eBook

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