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This is the EPUB version of the short story "Love Drunk" from Paige Johnson. It's Valentine's Day and Cherry's sugar daddy is standing her up. Luckily, she'll have her longtime girl crush/mentor and Miami scenery to console her about bad boyfriends and web-camming out of a subpar motel. Right? **Sexy but not erotica**


This is a short from/to promo the larger Outcast Press anthology, SlutVomit: An Anthology of SexWork, which includes 20 transgressive stories. Pieces range from the bittersweetness of seeking out a girl at a Japanese cuddle cafe to contemplating reconnecting with family after walking the streets inebriated. There are queens of the porn industry, old ladies looking to make a dime and young dinner date, quirky to creepy johns, girls who find love at censorship protests, and so much more.

Love Drunk: A Short Story by Paige Johnson - eBook

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