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Poser is the first novel in the Eucalyptus Lane series. Ambrose, a failed Bay Area drug dealer, is at the end of his rope after running afoul of his wicked connection one too many times. A friend suggests he hide out at her sister's guest house in Palo Alto by posing as a Stanford grad student.


There, Ambrose settles into upscale suburban life and finds himself falling for Jessica, a lonely housewife with the soul of an artist. Disruptor to this new existence is Jessica's husband, Mike, a tech tycoon whose path crossed with Ambrose on a drug-fueled night at a club. When Ambrose's cover is blown, all hell breaks loose as secrets are spilled and lies shatter on a posh, limestone patio deep in the heart of this California dreamscape.


Poser offers a class-conscious, peeping tom gaze into Silicon Valley's bedrooms and back-alleys, where dreams really do come true and unlikely, life-altering connections are made, for better-or worse.

Poser by Nevada McPherson - Novel - Series: Book 1

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