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Comes signed by author Paige Johnson and 5 random pieces of merch, including stickers and bookmarks. International shipping available here.


What could be more noir than a diner? From the greasy spoon to the gourmet sit-in, these stories show why diners aren’t family friendly. Diners are the place where heists are plotted, bodies get dumped behind, and police are tipped off. These eateries host every crime from domestic disputes and drug deals to premeditated murder and mob mutiny. It's all fluorescent-lit, fly-riddled entertainment to the drunk, recovering, or wish-they-were.

Whether the characters are the cooks, criminals, customers, or somewhere in-between, these short works pack a gut punch on par with the saltiest, soggiest Grand Slam breakfast special. There're breakups and bruises, gambling rackets and gang warfare, butchering and familial dismemberment--even schmoes tapping into a parallel universe or two. No matter who enters or at what time, wet, weary eyes always seem to find a steaming cup of joe to cloud-gaze in--and cry.

(Forewords by Nevada McPherson and Manny Torres, titled, "Get in, loser. We're Going to Waffle House!")

1. Moths by LG Thomson
2. Pluto’s Place by Stephen J. Golds
3. The Fragrant Flavor of the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie by Jhon Sanchez
4. Honey Oil by Paige Johnson
5. What’s Left of the Sun by Michael J. Riser
6. Ramblers, L.B.C. by Nolan Knight
7. Vonyetta Mosley’s Marzipan Palace by David Simmons
8. Middle Men by Liv Strom
9. Scar on Scar by Jon Gingerich
10. A Confederate Engaged to a Jihadist by Nathan Pettigrew
11. Two Boys in a Diner by Dino Parenti
12. Atomic Getaway by Jesse Bethea
13. Denim by Joseph S. Walker
14. Watch Yourself by Gordon Dunleavy
15. Stuck in the Middle by Karen Keeley
16. The Eternal Flame Diner by Meredith C. Kurz
17. The Bigger Man by Jim Thomsen
18. Pickup At The Main Street Diner by Margaret S. Hamilton
19. Help Wanted by Wil Dalton

Put Out The Lights & Cry: Diner Noir Curated by Craig Clevenger - Anthology

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