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This is the EPUB version of Steve Golds' novella, Shadows Slow Dancing in Derelect Rooms. "Raw and smarting as a flesh wound, Shadows Slow Dancing in Derelict Rooms simmers with a melancholic ecstasy that lingers long after the last mournful pages have been turned." -- Chandler Morrison, author of #thighgap and Dead Inside


"There isn't a Heaven for people like me. There's Limbo."


This isn't a love story. It's not a story about the boy who gets the girl.The girl, Amelie, is dead. She killed herself. The boy, Vincent, has been committed to a mental health crisis unit in North London after his own failed suicide attempt.


Now Vincent is refusing treatment and has given up on any kind of recovery, instead choosing to live in the memories of the time he and Amelie were together--trying to change his recollections in order to alter the past and save Amelie from the death he blames himself for.

Shadows Slow Dancing by Stephen J. Golds - eBook

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