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This is the EPUB version of Outcast Press' second short story collection. Compensated cuddle bunnies, cross-dressing diplomats, garden boy-seducing GILFs. That's just the start of this subversive short story collection. Take a ride on the wild side as Outcast Press explores the world of p!ss boys and pantie sellers, every echelon of erotic entertainer from scag-seeking street-walkers to doted-upon sugar babies. There're reverends who like it in the rear, classically trained dancers who take their talents to the LED-lighted pole, strippers and far scarier (or surprisingly helpful) johns, dungeon masters vs dragons of industry, and weapon-wielding pornographers. Every shade of prostitution and fetishism finds a home here, as vividly represented as the LGBT spectrum.


Slut Vomit is inspired by an OnlyFans (Premium Instagram, and the like) creator who goes by the same name. Known for her creative handles (SlxtVxmit, MorgueBabii, p$ych Ward $horty, Pixie Stickz), and alternative stylings (rainbow hair, gauged ears, copious piercings and tattoos), she is a roman candle of transgressive expression.In this second installment of Outcast Press anthologies, you’ll find 20 stories that explore the ironic side of the adult entertainment industry. These pieces might concern, trouble, or obviously offend some readers.


Outcast Press doesn’t shrink at screams for softening the words or worlds the authors (invariably sex-workers themselves) sculpt.We know the most alluring entertainment isn’t afraid to take the seedy route. We’re gagging for the dirty, sludgy, puke-crusted stuff. We don’t sanction condom-wrapped prose. Life is often “degrading” in a way that has nothing to do with sex, and so candid literature is what we writ(h)e for.These slices of life raise a glass to the new, “degenerate” working class: We don’t mind how damaged, destitute, or disenchanted you start. Here’s to spilling your guts so that daffodils, dollar bills, and bliss may rise from the sultry stains.


1. Cuddle Café by Alexandro Chen

2. Killing Bill – The Two Brides by Mark Ramsden

3. Gin, Impatiens & Lavender Flamingos by C.R. Abby

4. Pissahontas by Jamie Queen

5. Service To-Go by Amy Sampson-Cutler

6. Love Drunk by Paige Johnson

7. The Desires & Delusions of Randolph Harris by Joe Haward

8. Picket Line by Ayin Es

9. Nine Minutes by Natalie Nider

10. Livi on the Dance Floor by Kristin Garth

11. No Gloryhole is Forever by Neda Aria

12. The Impact of a Meteorite by Stephanie Parent

13. The Greatest Show on Earth by Sebastian Vice

14. Fire Season by Susan Kuchinskas

15. Never Again by Lena S. May

16. Hatchett’s Theater by BB Prewitt

17. Aftertaste by G.C. McKay

18. Some Go That Way by Russell Thayer

19. Profile 9204 by CT Marie

20. Nudes by Slxt Vxmit

SlxtVxmit: An Anthology of SexWork - eBook

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