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 *Each book comes with 3 random Outcast Press stickers as supplies last. For international shipping, use our ebay store here* “A trippy kaleidoscope showcasing a universe of fallen human angels walking a precarious line between life and death, moving between the material world and visions, myth and hallucinations. Read it and let the words wash through your mortal being, your mind, your spirit. These stories will haunt you.”--Monica Drake, author of Clown Girl and The Folly of Loving Life


“Moody takes us through a collection of introspective, creative, and conceptual scenarios of life and death—especially the in-between. He brings us stories of the many ways people are living to die and dying to live, with a range from dementia, serial killings, cancer, the Garden of Eden with that treacherous fruit—to victims of pedophilic priests looking for retribution, hunters of people on the cusp of dying for that forbidden knowledge of the afterlife, aliens and much more. A lot of interesting sci-fi qualities to the pictures Jack likes to thoroughly paint. His work shines brightest when he balances the descriptive with his dope grasp of dialogue, which he is one of the best at.”---DuVay Knox, author of The Pussy Detective and Soul Collector


“Featuring the visceral language of the grotesque, mind-fuck aspects of the uncanny and injections of the absurd, Absence of Death showcases Jack Moody’s astonishing range. Moody firmly orients the reader in disorienting unrealities through graphic prose, veracious dialogue, and compelling characters. These death-heavy stories occupy hazy spaces between life and afterlife, forcing the reader to grapple with their own mortality and the consequences of living. Trippy, unsettling and surprising, this is a multi-genre compendium of lost souls languishing in limbo. And only a writer who has been on the brink himself can write from the bleakly beautiful, otherworldly place that Moody does.”--HLR, author of History of Present Complaint and EX-CETERA

The Absence of Death by Jack Moody - Stories

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