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It's Peaches' last night at Midnight Blue, an Orlando strip club, since she's got big plans to work from home to become "the ultimate e-girl." Before she trades in her bunny ears for cat ones and sets up her webcam, she meets Matteo, a morgue photographer as sexy as seedily intriguing. Maybe they can celebrate her new career choice by procuring a few party favors and recording some content?

This EPUB short is from/to promo the larger Outcast Press anthology, In Filth It Shall Be Found, which includes 20 transgressive stories. Pieces range from accounts of growing up w/ heroin-addicted parents and supernatural murder to exploring pyrophilia and organized crime. The collection features debut and veteran subversive writers like Craig Clevenger, Lauren Sapala, Greg Levin, Stephen J. Golds, and Gregory J. Wolos.

The Blue Hour: A Short Story by Paige Johnson - eBook

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