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60+ illustrated poems told from under the buzz of a bar’s strip lights. Whirlwind dates devoured by sewer rats. Grief that turns into vindictive triumph. Fights that leave bartenders and bystanders picking up the bloody shards. Addictions to parties and people that claw at your complexion and mental stability. Wallowing in wine and rumpled sheets, dirty flings and dead seasons.


Poetry features including J. Travis Grundon, Stephen J. Golds, and David Cranmer.


"Jones’ terse style pounds the reader like a red-wine-headache, each poem a bitesize brutality—as opposed to a lengthy pity party—making for a perfectly impactful read." ~ HLR, author of History of Present Complaint


"B F Jones writes poems that are snatches of beauty and truth. Life and death. Taking everyday scenarios and embroidering them with shards of heart, soul and bone. Written in blood. B F Jones is one of the most wryly observant and honest poets writing today. You’ll feel enlightened and contaminated, saved and damned, once you finish this collection." ~ Stephen J. Golds, author of Half-Empty Doorways and Shadows Slow Dancing 


“Visceral and fierce observations are exposed in dark poetry that's perfectly concentrated in each line and word. Jones paints very easily absorbed and unsettlingly relatable emotions. Powerfully crafted words and phrasing with such power and placement. Like the spirit of blues master gifting us a solo performance." ~ John Bowie, author of Dead Birds and Sinking Ships and the Viking Series

The Edge of Nowhere by B F Jones - Illustrated Poetry

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