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This is EPUB version Sebastian Vice & Paige Johnson's story that appears in Slut Vomit: An Anthology of Sex Work. In it, a "Golden Age anal queen" pornstress is reduced to butchering cadavers for a theater of degenerates to maintain her lavish lifestyle now that she's getting older. This is a collaborative story by the founders of Outcast Press to tease the larger anthology.


Bio: Sebastian Vice is founder of Outcast Press. His short fiction and poetry have been featured in Punk Noir Magazine, Terror House Magazine, Bristol Noir, and Misery Tourism. He contributed a chapter to Red Sun Magazine's book, The Hell Bound Kids, and writes a regular column, called “Notes of A Degenerate Dreamer,” over at Vice’s flash, "One Last Good Day," was nominated for Best of The Net 2021. His latest solo work is his poetry book, Homo Mortalis: Meditations on Memento Mori (Anxiety Press, 2022). As of 2024, his story Feeder was part of Urban Pigs Press' HUNGER anthology and he has three major projects forthcoming.


Paige's Bio: Paige Johnson is editor-in-chief at Outcast Press. She also wrote “The Blue Hour,” about the bond between a stripper and morgue photographer, which also appears in their first anthology, In Filth It Shall Be Found. Johnson’s debut poetry book about love, drugs, and longing is titled Percocet Summer: Poetry for Distancing Dates & Doses. It is part of a four-part series and will coincide with a chapbook collaboration with Benzo Monroe, called RX SOS, and the general sequel Citrus Springs.

The Greatest Show on Earth: A Short Story by Sebastian Vice - eBook

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