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EPUB of this novella. From cheese Danishes and cheery puppets to Commie directors and curmudgeonly talk show hosts, this novella is how Finley Luker rediscovers life after The Marshmallow Show is cancelled. Hopping out of his father’s shadow as the famed creator of Marshmallow is no small task, but it brings about better ones. Thus, Finley brings the obnoxious bunny character to late-night television, stars in an offbeat biopic as Fidel Castro called Fidelity…and he’s getting married in Vegas!

Blended with cute awkwardness and high-pitch-perfect irony, this cast of sweet-to-screamy eccentrics proves the acting life is a soft satire in itself—and everybody has reinvention in their heart before it hardens.

The Marshmallow Show Is Cancelled by Debby Regan - eBook

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